Lingwu World-Haoheng Edition
Lingwu World-Haoheng Edition
TYPE:Round, myth Downloads:11 Date:2020-03-20 Android size:137.3M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
The son-in-law made up the five-colored fossils into red, yellow, blue, blue, and white five-color jade, which belonged to different people in the three realms. It is said that the collection of the five-colored god jade can "break the sky" and return the world to the beginning of chaos. The cruiser is a descendant of Baize, who is an immortal in the five-colored jade. He is a master of painting and is determined to become a famous Fengyue artist. But the sudden death of the master and the trail of oasis continents left before his death revealed his true life, and he set foot on the road of the demon master who inspected the world, lowered the demon and eliminated the demon, and practiced the demon.
game welfare
1. Recharge ratio 1: 500, the first charge is up to 5 times, I pay for your strategy round (among them, the first charge of 328 grades is 3 times, the charge of 648 yuan is 4 times, and the charge of 1,000 yuan is 5 times.) , 30W silver two, 2000W copper coins, unlimited ghost catching experience is opened 3, the first rush is brilliant, a full set of weapons are presented, the best gods help and pets, 100 consecutive draws, you can declare the main line ran freely 4, sign in for 7 days and get 100 consecutive draws , Send god beasts, assist companions, receive benefits, receive backpack overflow5, Xianlingzhuang can significantly increase the amount of storage, save more money, generate more ingots, how can not spend it 6, lucky turntable to break Murphy's law , You think you have been a teenager, an inattentional prize has been mailed to 7,0 yuan to buy a strong strike, level 40 can also receive a free super gift monthly card to trigger the first recharge monthly card does not count VIP experience
game discount
■ Daily Exclusive Rebate Activities ■ Please submit a rebate application as soon as possible within 48 hours of recharge! (Usually rebates are ingots / diamonds / xianyu etc., part of the rebates are tied to yuan / bundled diamonds, etc., the actual value in the game shall prevail). % Cumulative top-up of 1000-2999 yuan per day, 70% rebate of 3,000-4999 yuan per day, 100% cumulative recharge of 5,000-9999 yuan per day, 150% cumulative recharge of 10,000 yuan per day
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