I'm the general
I'm the general
TYPE:Hang up, Three Kingdoms Downloads:12 Date:2020-03-28 Android size:2.0M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"I am the general (send a hundred cigarettes)" is a Three Kingdoms card placing tour with hang up playing method, chasing deer and Three Kingdoms, reproducing the classic Three Kingdoms Theme! Features six races: Qun, Wei, Shu, Wu, devil and God. You can choose hundreds of famous historical generals! More brain burning lineup with a wealth of career options! Meet friends can also play boss together, the function of link makes you happy. Hang up eight hours, go online five minutes, happy every day!
game welfare
1. The recharge ratio is 1:1000, and the game's full gear is double, and the rebate under the super high line is even free! 2. Send VIP10, Yuanbao * 100000500w gold coins online, and you can also get the gift package code (remember to get the gift package code on the platform)! I have a cramp in my hand! 3. The first charge to send "Three Kingdoms with filial son" high-level Lv Bu, resource lead for three days, cool for three days, orange set to take directly!! 4. The activity reward covers a comprehensive range, which is 10 times cheaper than formal clothes. If you refuse to be fancy, it's over!! 5. Extra value offline benefits, please contact Ms. customer service for additional needs!
game discount
Rebate is limited to one-day cumulative recharge, cleared at 24:00 every day, recalculated the next day: rebate currency: Yuanbao): one-day cumulative recharge 100 ~ 499 rebate 60% one-day cumulative recharge 500 ~ 999 rebate 80% one-day cumulative recharge 1000 ~ 2999 rebate 110% one-day cumulative recharge 3000 ~ 4999 rebate 150% one-day cumulative recharge 5000 ~ 9999 rebate 210% one-day cumulative recharge more than 10000 rebate 320%
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