Fan Xian
Fan Xian
TYPE:Placement, fantasy Downloads:9 Date:2020-04-23 Android size:2.3M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Fan Xian" is a simulation of the process of online text cultivation. Players will be able to experience various events described in the online text, as follows: 1. Travel in the big world: the game has a world map, and players can enter different places and encounter various random events. At present, the game has designed more than 50 random events; 2: Immortal Cave: players can travel through it Obtain the map fragment, synthesize the map and open the relic, the player can go to the relic copy to explore; 3: plot and double rest: at present, the game has designed 4 girls, 20000 character plot, you can meet the sister in the process of traveling in the big world, and unlock the plot and her double rest; 4: unique equipment: original magic weapon and body true spirit system; 5: function: the player can use various ways In the game, more than 300 skills have been designed to let players fall and learn. 6: the cave: the alchemy, artifact and pets described in the novel can also be experienced in the game one by one;
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