All people's Fairy journey
All people's Fairy journey
TYPE:Character, immortal Downloads:9 Date:2020-04-30 IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Fairyland of the whole people - flying version" is an RPG game with the theme of fairyland. The theme of the game is to cultivate immortals. All the immortals will kill the demons and kill the demons on the way to cultivate immortals, and cross the robbers and soar! Holding the artifact, seeking the fairyland, breaking the demons, challenging the wild and the strange Kun, and collecting the magic atlas; a variety of PK playing methods make you hot blooded, gorgeous skill special effects, and enjoy the hearty and refreshing battle experience! Mount, wings, magic soldiers, haughty and super cute waiters are free of charge, with multiple parts of interesting and explicit dressing, shaping personalized shape! More marriage, world boss, cross server PvP and other massive social games, the road to immortality is no longer lonely and lonely, the whole people enjoy immortality and become immortals happily!
game welfare
1. On line gift of RMB 38888 with a total of V15 and 10 million copper coins; recharge ratio of 1:1000; the first charge of RMB 38888 with a maximum of 5 times; 2. On-line 10 minutes, you can get a full set of magic generals, straight up the combat power; VIP reward is sent directly; 3. There are many yuanbaochao, online reward, cumulative check-in and other activities to give a large number of Yuanbao; whether monthly card is VIP experience: whether monthly card is the first charge: Yes [recharge monthly card, lifetime card, gift bag, fund] 】Include in rebate: include in
game discount
Automatic rebate on the next day, no need to apply (the daily rebate proportion does not overlap with the activity rebate, for reference only) one day cumulative recharge of 100-499 yuan: rebate of 50% one day cumulative recharge of 500-999 yuan: rebate of 80% one day cumulative recharge of 1000-2999 yuan: rebate of 120% one day cumulative recharge of 3000-4999 yuan: rebate of 180% one day cumulative recharge of 5000-9999 yuan: rebate of 240% one day cumulative recharge of 1000 yuan Over RMB 0: rebate of 300%
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