Legend of immortal
Legend of immortal
TYPE:Place, immortal Downloads:10 Date:2020-04-29 Android size:2.7M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
As an RPG tour centered on the happy battle, the story of "the legend of immortals and the stars" takes place in the cultivation world of the three clans of immortals and demons, and constructs a vast and huge world view. Here, players can experience the cultivation world, such as refining Qi, building foundation, and making pills. There are all kinds of unique magic soldiers, ancient magic weapons, ancient mounts and so on. Players play the role of immortals cultivator in the game, and obtain various materials and resources through replica exploration, resource competition, cave income and other playing methods, so as to improve equipment, obtain magic weapons, collect flying swords, and improve their combat effectiveness, and finally reach the realm of harmony between man and nature.
game welfare
★ Jianjiao presents V20, 58888 Yuan Bao, 3.88 million gold coins, and the second role enables you to play two dozen and one. After finishing the first pass, boss will go straight to level 100, send super rare special ring ★ task, and pass to get 2 times of Yuan Bao's drop, so that you can enjoy the fun of the game ★ the super value monthly card will not only send Yuan Bao, but also send backpack capacity, hang up gold coin experience, more rare title, the most noble will send ★ 5 times of the first charge? It's not enough. You need to give more benefits. 10 times of the first charge is online. The first charge also has the best wings and top fashion. Super artifact and combat power are soaring. It's permanent and effective. You need to give benefits within a limited time. You can get extra rewards when you buy a big gift pack every day. There's no upper limit. You can get a large number of props from a gift pack. You can log in to send artifact, Yuanbao and other massive props every day. 14 days more Super prop advanced soul pearl
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