Demons (full V version)
Demons (full V version)
TYPE:Character, immortal Downloads:11 Date:2020-04-30 IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
The MMORPG mobile game "demons" starts today. New characters, cross-border fashion, Rune playing, peak copy and content optimization will also bring exciting experience to players. New fairy style dream walk, let you feel different role-playing, farewell to the traditional mobile travel, enjoy creating their own unique fairy hero memories. The immortals and Demons fight against each other. The demons come on the stage, fight happily and fight against the spirits!
game welfare
"Demons - full V edition" welfare 1. Create a corner to send full VIP, give away Yuanbao * 38888, copper money * 6888888, Sr divine general, exquisite fashion 2, recharge ratio 1:1000, luxury gift bag and so on. Log in daily to get rare props!! 3. Send out of print weapons, cool fashion, supreme generals, gorgeous wings, thousands of miles of God riding, and many kinds of first flush gifts to you!!
game discount
Automatic rebate on the next day. There is no need to apply for rebate, but only one-day cumulative recharge. It is cleared after applying for rebate at 24 o'clock every day. The next day, the cumulative recharge is 100-499 yuan per day, 50% Yuan Bao, 500-999 yuan per day, 80% Yuan Bao, 1000-2999 yuan per day, 100% Yuan Bao, 3000-4999 yuan per day, 120% Yuan Bao, 5000-9999 yuan per day RMB, rebate: 150% of Yuanbao daily accumulative recharge: more than 10000 yuan, rebate: 200% of Yuanbao
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