Juxian GM version
Juxian GM version
TYPE:Character, immortal Downloads:9 Date:2020-05-09 Android size:2.7M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
2020 new Xianxia game world, a new cultivation system, to create a real and beautiful Xianxia world, log in and send the ancient strange animals to help you fight against the sky and change into a new shape; the beast mounts and rides with you in three realms; cross service peak PK, there are all kinds of fashion artifact, and create your unique image, Offline hang up, free trade, and more surprises are waiting for you in the game. Come to realize your fairy hero dream! Take control of time! Multiplayer sports!
game welfare
1. The opening is GM1, Yuanbao 28888, silver 2888w. Start the game against the sky resources to be the leader of multi player sports! 2. Recharge ratio is 1:800. Get Yuanbao for the first time! Offline rebate is more exciting! 3. The first pass down equipment! Gemini fairy! No level of magic soldier! The high-end title helps you to have a happy sports! 4. The monthly card is super cheap, super valuable and super profitable! Give welfare at a loss! All the monthly cards produce blood and earn hundreds of thousands of yuan! 5. Growth plan fund abnormal welfare, cool to suffocate! Millions of fairy jade, super high times rebate, huge profit! 6. The threshold of multi player sports is lowered! Open in advance when reaching the level or corresponding privilege! Many people's sports are worse than you! 7.0 yuan gift package activity, no money, more benefits at your fingertips! 8. The epic props of online activities are constantly delivered, the Yuanbao is always taken, and the offline activities are always preferential! Crazy not only! 9. The content and welfare of this version are in advance! Far beyond each version, so many people sports game really can't be missed!
game discount
■ daily exclusive rebate activities ■ please submit rebate application within 48 hours after recharging! (usually, the rebate is Yuanbao / diamond / Xianyu, etc., and some of them will be returned, depending on the physical objects in the game). The rebate of 100-500 yuan per day is 30%, the rebate of 501-1000 yuan per day is 50%, the rebate of 1001-3000 yuan per day is 80%, the rebate of 3001-5000 yuan per day is 100%, the rebate of 5001-10000 yuan per day is 150%, and the rebate of 10001-20000 yuan per day is 100% 180% of rebate, RMB 20001-50000 per day, 240% of rebate, and more than RMB 50000 per day, 300% of rebate: if there is a large holiday increase percentage, it will be calculated according to the large holiday, not overlapped with the daily calculation, and the daily rebate will be restored after a large holiday high proportion of rebate activities!
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