Sword Ling sky (star shining version)
Sword Ling sky (star shining version)
TYPE:Instant, Xianxia Downloads:10 Date:2020-05-18 Android size:103.2M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Sword Ling sky" is about to shock! In the game, the legend of ancient Xiuxian is the plot. With 3D engine, exquisite character models and magnificent scenes, we can create the most real Xiuzhen world. In the game, we can also get all kinds of cool fashion mounts and wings, five independent equipment systems, and create the top characters that belong to you! The game also adds the most characteristic marriage system. You can enjoy love dating, marriage and double repair. You can also hunt and kill all kinds of bosses together with brothers and lovers, and seize rare treasures. Break the sky, create a new dream for you, a wonderful journey of cultivating immortals, all in "sword Ling sky"!!!
game welfare
1. Top up ratio is 1:750, first flush is 1:10002, vip9 is delivered as soon as you log in, Yuanbao * 28888 is bound, copper money * 200W, monthly card, a large number of gift bags are delivered free of charge 3, the copy explosion rate is greatly increased again, the reward is doubled and doubled again, and you get soft hands 4. Yes, you can do noble tasks every day, and you can get V5 free of charge, a large number of benefits are delivered as soon as you go online, Yuanbao materials are free of charge, and benefits are full 6. Upgrade experience is greatly reduced Low, level up, cool to fly up
game discount
■ daily exclusive rebate activities ■ (please make sure not to apply after recharging on the same day to avoid losing higher-end awards due to multiple applications) (usually the rebate is Yuanbao / diamond / Xianyu, and some of them will be returned with binding yuan / binding diamond, and the details are subject to the physical objects in the game). One day cumulative recharge of 100-499 yuan rebate 50% one day cumulative recharge of 500-999 yuan rebate 100% one day cumulative recharge of 1000-2999 yuan RMB 120% rebate, RMB 3000-4999 per day, 150% rebate, RMB 5000-9999 per day, 180% rebate, RMB 10000 or more per day, 200%
game score