Ask sword super V
Ask sword super V
TYPE:Place, immortal Downloads:7 Date:2020-05-21 Android size:2.6M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Ask sword" is a kind of ARPG with fighting as the core, which integrates magic immortal Xia and fighting; the latest elements such as bloodthirsty PK, city Lord's hegemony, marriage system and flag grabbing war are all available; the unbridled and free PK, passionate gang war, interesting entertainment interaction, creates the strongest Mobile game in China. What are you waiting for? Ask sword invites you to join us in the Jianghu!
game welfare
★ Jianjiao presents V20, 58888 Yuan Bao, 3.88 million gold coins, the second role, and the only divine ring task to get 2 times of Yuan Bao drop, so that you can enjoy the fun of the game ★ 5 times of the first charge? Not enough, more benefits should be given as soon as possible, 10 times of first charge online ★ daily recharge 2 times, 5 times, or even 10 times of unlimited times, more purchases ★ first charge also has rare titles and top fashion, the combat power soars, permanent and effective ★ monthly card function benefits receive Yuanbao every day ★ whether daily lucky gift package helps you combat power Feitian monthly card is VIP experience: No, whether monthly card is first charge: no
game discount
■ daily exclusive rebate activities ■ (please make sure not to apply after recharging on the same day to avoid losing higher-end awards due to multiple applications) (usually the rebate is Yuanbao / diamond / Xianyu, etc., partial return of binding yuan / binding diamond, etc., subject to the physical objects in the game) 100-399 yuan per day back 50% 400-699 yuan per day back 70% 700-1099 yuan per day back 100% %One day accumulative recharge: RMB 1100-2999, return 130%; one day accumulative recharge: RMB 3000-5999, return 180%; one day accumulative recharge: RMB 6000-9999, return 250%; one day accumulative recharge: above 10000, return 300%; daily offline rebate does not overlap with other recharge rebate activities!
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