Battle for kingship (yiyuanchang play version)
Battle for kingship (yiyuanchang play version)
TYPE:Turn, magic Downloads:7 Date:2020-05-26 Android size:326.2M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
★ pure dark painting style, rich art design, and strong dark magic style are full of characters' modeling, which are extremely delicate in the characterization, especially in the details. Not only the characters, the game scene is also a typical dark magic style, and the excellent character modeling complement each other. ★ cool action special effects and excellent combat experience adopt the most popular instant combat mode. However, unusual packaging has been made under the most common mode. No matter the excellent action special effects and strike sense, or the combination of strategic skill groups and pets, players can experience the uncommon combat experience from the common combat mode. It's no longer a single stump. ★ break through the traditional game short board and get rid of the stereotype of mobile games in the current field of mobile games, although there are more and more MMO games, 1-to-1 PK, brush strange, or gang war, all kinds of themes, the quality is also mixed. However, in so many war games, there are few war games that can really bring warm blood and passion to the players. This game is a way to explain one by one clear, rather than blindly stack special effects to pursue cool. It's not the experience of mowing. Although it is a kind of game with dark perspective, it is closer to the action, strike sense and combat experience of act game in operation. ★ rich cultivation playing methods, sufficient daily activities. The cultivation system of this game is far richer than that of MMO, and the content of cultivation is related to the theme
game welfare
1. Charge 1 yuan for the first time to receive the level free artifact! Efficiency brush strange! Quick upgrade! 2. All VIP gift bags are free of charge, high-level gemstones, massive props, free of charge. 3. New magic version! Upgrade fast! Super high burst rate! Have fun! 4. Send 28888 tie drills online! VIP7! 50W tie gold without weakening super privilege to fly with you! 5. Super affordable discount package! 1 yuan for 10 yuan! 6. Recharge ratio 1:500, double the first charge! Super low price and high cost performance! 7. Log in every day to give gifts! Super artifact! Massive materials! Fighting power soars! 8. Online and offline rebate even bombardment, there are so many Yuanbao that they can't spend all of them!
game discount
■ daily exclusive rebate activities ■ (please make sure not to apply after recharging on the same day to avoid missing higher-end awards due to multiple applications) add up 100-499 yuan per day, 50% add up 500-999 yuan per day, 80% add up 1000-2999 yuan per day, 100% add up 3000-4999 yuan per day, 120% rebate The daily accumulative recharge is more than 5000-9999 yuan, the rebate is 150% and the daily accumulative recharge is more than 10000 yuan, the rebate is 180% and the calculation formula is: recharge amount × game recharge ratio (1:1000) × gear rebate ratio = rebate diamond quantity example: recharge 100 yuan = 100 × 500 × 0.5 = 25000 diamond
game score