Angel Sanctuary (super V version)
Angel Sanctuary (super V version)
TYPE:Character, immortal Downloads:3 Date:2020-06-08 Android size:178.5M From:277sy
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game Introduction
Angel Holy Land tells a magnificent story for players. After the arrival of the gods at dusk, the world tree collapses, the original order collapses, and then all the gods are only born in the new land, but the evil gods still covet the new world. When the crisis of the new world comes, can you become the backbone to protect the world? "Angel Holy Land" requires you to gather warriors of the new era and fight together to prevent the coming of evil spirits!
game welfare
1. The recharge ratio is 1:1000, the first charge is 2 times, i.e. 1:20002. Log in to vip11, bind Yuanbao * 28888, gold coin * 500w3, and add the exclusive title of super VIP. The combat power is greatly increased. 4. The copy explosion rate is greatly increased again. The reward is doubled and doubled again. Get soft hands. 5. Log in and send out the out of print magic pet. The combat power is properly soared. 6. The level is soared. You are no longer bound. Do you calculate VI by rubbing hundreds of monthly cards P experience: no monthly card calculation first flush: no
game discount
■ daily exclusive rebate activities ■ (please make sure not to apply after recharging on the same day, so as to avoid losing higher-end awards due to multiple applications) (usually the rebate is Yuanbao / diamond / Xianyu, etc., and some of them are returned with binding yuan / binding diamond, etc., which is subject to the physical objects in the game). The one-day accumulative recharge is 100-499 yuan rebate 40% the one-day accumulative recharge is 500-999 yuan rebate 70% the one-day accumulative recharge is 1000-2999 yuan 100% rebate of RMB 3000-4999 per day 150% rebate of RMB 5000-9999 per day 180% rebate of more than RMB 10000 per day 200%
game score