Legend of true Dragon
Legend of true Dragon
TYPE:Character, immortal Downloads:4 Date:2020-06-23 Android size:115.8M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"True dragon legend" is a national style mmo3drpg masterpiece that has been created for many years. It has a gorgeous picture and created a world of passionate and romantic immortal Xia. In the Jianghu of the strong, you can kill every opportunity step by step. You can immerse yourself in the experience and explore the great world of immortal Xia with temperature. The game has a variety of fashions to collect and change, cool titles, artifact to play as soon as you come; tacit understanding of team work, tailor-made teachers and apprentices; warm home, meet the person of destiny in the moment of the world; dragon ball collection of dazzling transformation, artifact riding, beloved beauty; experience the passion on the fingertips.
game welfare
Features of the game: 1. On line to send V, 2.88 million binding yuan, 88.88 million copper money, 100 even draw! 2. The first charge proportion is 1:6000, and the second charge proportion is 1:2000. The first charge is to send 100 consecutive cigarettes + out of print fashion + exclusive equipment of Zhao Yun, the divine general + three-day luxury gift (worth 1888 yuan). 3. Get 1 yuan treasure of various privileges, and play on the high explosive rate holy land of personal boss and secret place boss
game discount
Rebate is limited to one-day cumulative recharge, which is cleared at 24:00 every day. The next day, the cumulative amount is recalculated: 100-499 yuan, rebate proportion is 50%; 500-999 yuan, rebate proportion is 70%; 1000-2999 yuan, rebate proportion is 100%; 3000-4999 yuan, rebate proportion is 150%; 5000-9999 yuan, rebate proportion is 200%; 10000-29999 yuan, rebate proportion is 300%; 30000-49999 yuan, rebate proportion is 400%; 50000 yuan or more, rebate proportion is 500%. If the accumulated recharge on that day reaches the limit, the rebate can be made! It can only be accumulated for one day, but not for many days. It can be returned in the way of Yuanbao.
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