Legend of the Three Kingdoms
Legend of the Three Kingdoms
TYPE:Strategy, Three Kingdoms Downloads:4 Date:2020-06-23 Discount:4.50 Android size:176.4M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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"The legend of the Three Kingdoms" is developed with a new U3D rendering engine to present you with intriguing scenes of the Three Kingdoms disputes. You will attract three famous generals in this ancient battlefield and match five major arms to win more with less. Subvert the tradition, attack and accumulate the power freely, release the unparalleled moves at will, and experience the supreme pleasure of extreme mowing! The training resources of military generals depend on fighting, and the strategy is supreme and fair. Thousands of Dungeon checkpoints are deployed according to local conditions, and the free combination is flexible. There are also super maps and classic play modes. Many famous generals will be at your command. You will perform the new Three Kingdoms to create different epic of the Three Kingdoms! This is the real battlefield of tens of thousands of strategists. Welcome the Lord to gallop and unite the Three Kingdoms!
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