Red flame BT version
Red flame BT version
TYPE:Character, legend Downloads:4 Date:2020-06-23 Android size:2.5M From:277sy
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game Introduction
Red flame is a large-scale aprg placement H5 game to restore the classic legend. The seamless cross screen mode is adopted, with clear and exquisite pictures, full of striking feeling; each character in the game can develop independent equipment, wings, etc., which makes the gorgeous painting look very domineering!
game welfare
1. Vip12, Yuanbao 3000, and gold coin 1 million are sent online, which are super dazzling God clothes, and VIP gift bags are received free of charge; 2. The recharge ratio is 1:100, the first charge is 4 times, 6 times, and up to 10 times of rebate; 3. Purchase the privileged monthly card, Yuanbao lifetime card is sent online, and Yuanbao can be obtained free of charge every day; 4. Send the God soldiers a good gift, log in a lot, and reward a lot when you log in activity cumulatively; 5. Smelting and returning Yuanbao, never again With worry, there is no treasure;
game discount
Rebate will be sent automatically at 12:00 p.m. every night without application. One day recharge (yuan) rebate ratio 100-499 rebate 50% Yuanbao 500-999 rebate 80% Yuanbao 1000-2999 rebate 100% Yuanbao 3000-4999 rebate 130% Yuanbao 5000-9999 rebate 180% Yuanbao 10000-19999 rebate 200% Yuanbao 20000-29999 rebate 250% Yuanbao 30000 + rebate 300% Yuanbao
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