Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon
Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon
TYPE:Character, martial arts Downloads:11 Date:2020-07-20 IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
Crouching tiger, hidden dragon is the first 3D free viewing MMORPG mobile game authorized by Beijing magic times Network Co., Ltd. the welfare of this version is greatly increased!! The rare accessory dragon pattern ghost wing input gift bag code to receive directly! Gift bag code to send the beast flying sand again!! Log in and send Zimi meteorite!! All kinds of rewards have been greatly increased! Go online and upgrade to level 60 directly, reduce the time spent on upgrading, and truly restore the free lake!! A large number of rare props are sold at a low price!! The two camps, forces and sects in the game are built on the game map of millions of square kilometers, from Outer Mongolia in the north to the South China Sea, from Taohua island in the east to the snow covered plateau in the west, so as to deeply restore the panorama of the Chinese martial arts world. Moreover, the game uses large server bearing technology to support 100000 people to serve together and 100 people to fight with each other.
game welfare
1. Get V17 on line and 56888 liang of private bank! A large number of VIP gift bag mailbox free, send out of print fashion! Send golden rare partner! And a lot of gems for free!! 2. Input platform gift package code, stand collar, thousand yuan, accessory dragon pattern ghost wing!! Gift package code to send the best mount beast flying sand!! 3. Go up to 60! Reduce the amount of time spent on upfront upgrades!! Real restoration of high freedom of the lake!! Log in to send Zimi meteorite! It's not a dream for civilians to build legendary equipment!! 4. Recharge ratio 1:1000 Liang, double reward for the first flush! 5. Super value online activities, multiple recharge gifts, so that you can get soft hand! 6. Landing daily activities do not stop! Massive experience, upgrade props, you can easily upgrade your strength without recharging! 7. Fund rebate n times return, every day a variety of props cool sky! 8. Fashion Mall is cheap! The price is the cheapest you can't expect!! 9. Massive copies are constantly being brushed, and all kinds of props are falling constantly, so you can enjoy the local tyrant level experience easily! 10. Original flavor, the prices of various props have been slashed tens of times cheaper than the official ones, and the four sections of lightness skills are sold at a low price, and the red skills mall of partners is sold directly!!! Let you play more enjoyable, play more hi!
game discount
Rebate amount can only be accumulated in one day, not in many days! Note: the rebate currency is official silver! (one day recharge to rebate conditions are issued in time, no application is required!) Daily cumulative recharge amount rebate ratio (daily) 100-599 50% 600-1099 70% 1100-3099 100% 3100-5099 140% 5100-9999 200% 10000 + 300%
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