Swordsmen of Xuanyuan sword (Shangcheng Edition)
Swordsmen of Xuanyuan sword (Shangcheng Edition)
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game Introduction
"Xuanyuan swordsmen" is a real-time turn based role-playing game. The story originated from the hero Chen Jingqiu who was attacked by demons. He broke the Kunlun mirror in the battle, which caused disorder of time and space. Through the background of multiple time and space, players play the leading role of Chen Jingqiu in the game. Through the main task trigger and guidance, the story recalls the past, and with the deepening of the plot, it will open The game of Qi partner, pet and other functions invite the classic characters of Xuanyuan sword to join in, capture all kinds of rare animals in the world, and jointly eliminate Satan. In addition to the integration of the plot, in terms of play content, diversified external pay line functions (such as divine costume, suit, fantasy, etc.); various PVP experiences (martial arts club, arena, King's competition, etc.); PVE oppression connecting product experience (multiplayer boss war, endless tower, treasure map, material copy, etc.); core card collection play (knight errant and monster, etc.) makes the whole product There are more diverse experiences.
game welfare
Online welfare: Yuanbao 10W, copper 500 million, tied yuan 20w1. Online vip20, million yuan, massive copper coins free to receive 2. The first flush can get 10 times of Yuanbao, the ultimate 5SR God General Saite to help the breakthrough, 3. The new version of treasure Pavilion, rare props, a lot of welfare, treasure Pavilion products, must be a boutique
game discount
Daily exclusive rebate activities ■ (please make sure you don't apply after recharging on the same day, so as to avoid losing more high-grade rewards due to multiple applications) (usually, the rebate is Yuanbao / diamond / Xianyu, and some of them will be returned with tie yuan / diamond / diamond, etc., which is subject to the physical objects in the game). The daily cumulative recharge of 50-99% Yuanbao in a single day is 100-499 and that of 100% Yuanbao in a single day is 500-999 Return 150% Yuanbao to 1000-4999 yuan / day, 200% to 5000-9999 yuan / day, 250% to 10000 yuan / day and 300% to 300% yuan / day
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