Matchless fist (give 1200 to recharge)
Matchless fist (give 1200 to recharge)
TYPE:Action, combat Downloads:5 Date:2020-08-28 IOS size:701.3M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Fist matchless (send 1200 recharge)" annual super cool fight! The new experience of ARPG! The unique charm of God generals of the Three Kingdoms will be realized, and the road to hegemony will be carried out. The game restores the essence of fighting, hundreds of skills unlimited moves, and the super strong sense of attack of the host game, bringing you infinitely wonderful story of the level and incisive and exquisite fighting! There are many different difficulty levels waiting for you to challenge and take risks, and the hot blood competition will start soon. Every platoon arrangement is a game, and every gorgeous skill will help you shake the whole field!
game welfare
1. Recharge ratio is 1:2000, and the first recharge of in-game gear is 3 times! VIP gift bag (including SSSR Liu Bei) upgrade to get! 2. It is the first time to send the three kingdoms' unparalleled military general box! Choose one of the five and you will win the world! Super strength Dan!! Special professional secret chest!! 3. Get 1200 free recharge (8-level backpack) for free online, and get one million yuan. Online free call (including recharge card fragments), increase the SSR hero explosion rate, massive advanced materials, can realize free full star hero!! 4. The R & D team is considerate and has added the function of automatic rebate, which can be collected by themselves the next day (collection way: activity super rebate)! Super striking feeling!! Breaking through the barrier also presents SSSR Liu Bei hero fragment! Team copy out of high-level equipment, the world of play, unlimited increase the protagonist attribute! One to three in qualifying is not a problem! 5. The game increases the benefits of copy playing method, abandons the binding Yuanbao system, and increases the number of Yuanbao given to complete the task by more than 200 times, so that you can experience the game welfare different from the official service! We can't guarantee the formal clothes, but it is necessary to ensure that they are better than the formal clothes! 6. For powerful offline activities, as long as you recharge to the corresponding file, you can get high-strength combat power and advanced resources. Of course, remember to apply with customer service~~
game discount
There is no need to apply for automatic rebate on the next day (the proportion is the daily rebate ratio, which is not superimposed with the activity rebate, for reference only). The daily cumulative recharge is 100 ~ 499, the rebate is 60% and the daily cumulative recharge is 500 ~ 999, 80% is 1000 ~ 2999 rebate, 110% is 3000 ~ 4999 rebate, 150% is 5000 ~ 9999 rebate, 210% is more than 10000 in a single day, 320% PS: recharge rebate times It will be automatically distributed in the game at 0:00 a.m. on the day (by activity super rebate).
game score