Blade of heaven
Blade of heaven
TYPE:role Downloads:5 Date:2020-08-31 Android size:2.2M IOS size:20.7M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Blade of heaven" is an MMORPG mobile game with Japanese fantasy style as the core. Exquisite face effect, Q Meng painting style, charmingly naive human settings, melt your heart in one second; attribute addition, free transfer, skill tree collocation, create your own exclusive role; invincible cute pet, domineering mount, smart hang up, all map grab boss, explosive costume, free trade and other open play methods, low pressure leisure social experience, enjoy the fun of the game!
game welfare
1. Online free vip19, diamond * 28888, gold * 200W (mail collection), refuse krypton gold massive diamonds to spend freely; 2, recharge ratio of 1:500 (diamond), the first charge of 5 times reward, recharge to get cool Guangwu: flamboyant dragon slaughtering, out of print PET: Pikachu, lovely mount: little Alpaca; 3. Online free to get a hundred pumping gift code, you can search for 100 times, God level equipment, weapons, each Four, seven days log in to send gifts, the supreme artifact, adventurer fashion login send, there are 100 Yuan Dynasty gold roll activated real recharge, white whoring party welfare; 5, full screen skills experience, free transfer characteristics, cool fashion, cute favorite riding, hot summer, I'm super sweet!
game discount
There is no need to apply for automatic rebate on the next day (the proportion is the daily rebate ratio, which is not superimposed with the activity rebate, for reference only). The rebate currency is: Diamond daily cumulative recharge of 100-499 yuan, rebate of 30% of daily cumulative recharge of 500-999 yuan of rebate, 50% of daily cumulative recharge of 1000-2999 yuan of rebate of 100% of cumulative recharge of 3000-4999 yuan of rebate of 150% of daily cumulative recharge of 5000-9999 yuan of rebate of 200% of a single day of cumulative recharge of 1000 More than 0 yuan rebate 250% PS: automatic rebate: the accumulated amount of the day will be automatically sent by 1:00 statistical e-mail the next day
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