Demon catching mobile phone
Demon catching mobile phone
TYPE:Cards, animation Downloads:5 Date:2020-09-01 Android size:401.5M IOS size:380.1M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Demon catching mobile phone (free 10000 draw)" is an action card type hand game with Oriental Fantasy as the theme. Fantasy background elements are used in the game interface, and the classic pet collection system and array system are added to the game, so the playing method is changeable. Many wizard combinations and gorgeous skills, so that players can be integrated into the fantasy world, increase the immersion of the game and battle. The task system, check-in system, game guidance and game mode are relatively perfect, which can give players a comfortable and convenient game experience.
game welfare
1. The recharge ratio is 1:1000, the first charge is 4 times, the second charge is double, the massive diamonds get soft hand; 2. At the beginning of the game, you can get 10000 consecutive draw, and it's cool to draw cards free of charge; 3. The first charge is to send flash Mr sprites, high-grade gems, etc.; 4. To activate the monthly card free of charge, every day a large number of diamonds get soft, money is willful! 5. Characteristic GM mall, diamond props directly buy, can exchange 99 times a day at most, is so wayward! Log in to send GM1, monthly card free, diamond * 58800, gold * 300W, 10000 consecutive draw
game discount
No monetary rebate
game score