Winning the world
Winning the world
TYPE:Strategy, Three Kingdoms Downloads:5 Date:2020-09-02 Android size:283.3M IOS size:276.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
The Three Kingdoms, which have emerged in large numbers, have always been the first choice for the walkers. In this world where the beacon fire has swept across Kyushu, you have come from a different world and will eventually unify the Three Kingdoms in troubled times by yourself. The only way to succeed is to find the heroes in the troubled times. In order to end the chaotic times and unify Kyushu, you have been given the task of finding heroes. Since then, you have embarked on the road to find heroes. Wei, Shu, Wu, Three Kingdoms! And you will stand out in this time of war and become a new overlord! Look for your good general quickly, and lay down your own land!
game welfare
VIP can also get a 1000 yuan recharge card (real recharge!) 1. Log in and send vip15, Yuanbao 28888, gold coin * 200000, ready to start your journey! 2. The highest proportion of first recharge is 5 times, and the second charge is 1:500. You can also get all kinds of luxury recharge rewards directly. No matter how you recharge, it's cost-effective! 3. Super value welfare activities, Yuanbao get acid hand, develop a large number of props, combat power soared! Top military general swipe the picture quickly! 4. Log in and sign in to send weapons, send massive Yuanbao 5. Super value monthly card, massive welfare! 6. Sign in every day to present a large amount of Yuanbao, so that you can draw every day!
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