Xiaobai doesn't give up
Xiaobai doesn't give up
TYPE:Hang up, hero Downloads:5 Date:2020-09-02 Android size:2.4M IOS size:18.4M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Xiaobai Buyan abandon" is a realistic style of real-time combat role-playing game. The story revolves around the rebirth of the beast God, and the conspiracy of all sects to resist the invasion of monsters. And the protagonist has many wonderful stories in this process. In the game, players should not only cultivate the abilities and equipment of the protagonist, but also constantly collect all kinds of rare animals and magic weapons to enhance their combat strength.
game welfare
Online benefits: 1. Online will be full of V, Yuanbao 88888, 100 million gold coins. If you want to spend Yuan Bao gold coins, you don't have to worry about your combat power! You can also get free equipment treasure hunt coupon * 100, Rune treasure hunt coupon * 100, heirloom treasure hunt coupon * 100, fashion animal Wonderland. Equipment is no longer simple, the shape is no longer monotonous! 2. All VIP gift bags of all stalls are free of charge. Each file has different illustrations. After using it, the combat power will soar! 3. Log in the next day to get the reward Zhen prison beast, the fifth day you can get the reward Yanmo, the fourteenth day you can get the advanced secret box! 4. Three pieces of top quality equipment without grade, 200 million gold coins and the best picture book will be sent immediately after the first charge! There are also zhishengdan * 10, upgrade the way superior! 5. Yuanbao monthly card is not only Yuanbao! More hang up experience and hang up gold coin double bonus. Brush the best boss every day, leading the magic costume level!
game discount
■ exclusive rebate activity ■ please submit rebate application as soon as possible within 48 hours after recharge! (generally, the rebate is Yuanbao / diamond / Xianyu, and some of them will be refunded with tied yuan / diamond, etc., which is subject to the real object in the game) if the accumulated amount of the game history is more than 1000 yuan, 100% rebate of 1000 yuan will be given, which is only one time. If you meet the requirements, please contact the app online customer service to apply for 50-99 30% 100-499 50% 500-999 70%1000-2999 100%3000-4999 150%5000-9999 200%10000-999999 300%
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