Happy baby
Happy baby
TYPE:Character, martial arts Downloads:5 Date:2020-09-10 Android size:297.2M IOS size:328.7M From:277sy
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game Introduction
After six years of separation, the welfare version of the martial arts mobile game of the ink and wash wind is coming. You can get the first charge and monthly card directly when you go online. You can get the premium when you log in. The upgrade speed is increased by 5 times, and it is easy to reach level 100. Different styles of junior sister, to meet the players all fantasy. The game is the first to create a colorful growth system for younger martial sisters. Players can practice cool martial arts skills together with younger martial sisters. They can ride a domineering mount together and fight for the supremacy of martial arts. Young martial sister's feelings return, travel with beauty, and fight again in the lake!
game welfare
1. Online gift vip4, tie yuan * 18888, copper coin * 50W, first charge double! 2. Log in to the game to get the first three days of free gifts, free 30 days of monthly cards, Yuanbao free 3. Feelings return, upgrade speed increased by 5 times, no longer need to worry about not being able to reach the level, all activities open to play 4. The next day to log in the yellow dress female transformation card, the three-day login lead sister epic equipment, the four-day login lead deer mount, the seven day landing lead epic little sister Long'er transformation card, more super Multi material, legendary costume waiting for you! 5. Free to play gold, the game will produce unbound props, the sale is Qianqiuye! 6. Binding Yuanbao and Yuanbao are equivalent to each other. You can buy Yuanbao props directly by bundling Yuanbao. You don't have to worry about the explosion of Yuanbao!
game discount
There is no need to apply for automatic rebate on the next day (the proportion is the daily rebate ratio, which is not superimposed with the activity rebate, for reference only). The daily cumulative recharge of 100-499 yuan is returned to 50%, the daily cumulative recharge of 500-999 yuan is returned to 80% of the daily cumulative recharge of 1000-2999 yuan is returned to 100% of the daily cumulative recharge of 3000-4999 yuan of 120% of the daily cumulative recharge of 5000-6999 yuan of 150% of the accumulated recharge of 7000-9999 yuan of a single day of 180% of the cumulative recharge of 10000 More than 200% rebate note: the rebate currency is [bound yuan]
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