Tata (unlimited recharge)
Tata (unlimited recharge)
TYPE:Round, animation Downloads:0 Date:2020-10-16 Android size:11.7M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Tata constellation - give unlimited recharge" is a super exquisite elf placement round mobile game, elf image lovely and interesting, game play classic aftertaste. Online can receive 328 recharge and the best elves! You can catch a hundred kinds of elves, and the rare ones are soft! Powerful beast unlimited growth, dream, super evolution! Every day we land, we can get more diamond welfare, we can get rare spirit carp king, and we can get animal dream after seven days. There are also world boss, league competition, mysterious road hall, guild boss, spirit center, secret treasure, spirit, mirror space, ancient relics and so on. Classic elves, take you back to childhood!
game welfare
1. Online backpack to get 328 yuan diamond card. 200W gold coin directly. VIP10 will be sent on line! Diamond 18888!! 10 grade VIP privilege gift bag, super value welfare get soft!! 2. Recharge ratio 1:500, double the first charge! Combat power soars directly!! 3. Draw luxury recharge card every day! Grab more rare elves online!! 4. Get the first charge free of charge online, the rare God pet little electric lion! Precious prop soul stone! Help you explore the land of the spirit!! Luxury first charge reward, "protagonist standard matching God pet" Piqiu, "novice God wear" no level boxing set, "combat power soaring" attribute gem! The supreme first charge reward, "dream beast" super dream, "100 times increase" experience card, fashion God stone is up to you!!! 5. Super value gift bag, huge amount of diamonds, you can get it!! Landing to send God's favorite, rare spirit carp king, massive diamonds, rare soul stone! Thousand times return permanent card, get "shadow killer" ghost piece, "rare magic card" lotus leaf boy! Super value monthly card, get "thunder Lord" Lei Gong fragment, "level soar" experience card! Supreme life card, get "super beast" regelock, "best magic card" lightning bird! You can also get the "sky overlord" cleft seat debris every day!! 6. Super Collection of elves, classic childhood play, waiting for you to experience!!
game discount
Automatic instant rebate, no need to apply, please pay attention to the quantity change of Yuanbao diamonds. The daily cumulative recharge amount rebate ratio (daily) 100-599 50% 600-1099 70% 1100-3099 100% 3100-5099 140% 5100-9999 200% more than 10000 100% 300% cumulative recharge amount in a single day rebate ratio (small activities, surprise in a few months) 100-599 70% 600-1099 100% 1100-3099 140% 3100-5099 200% 5100-9999 300% more than 400% Rebate ratio (Spring Festival, may day, etc.) 100-599 100% 600-1099 140% 1100-3099 200% 3100-5099 300% 5100-9999 400% 10000 + 500%
game score