Rejiang (GM no grade version)
Rejiang (GM no grade version)
TYPE:Character, martial arts Downloads:2 Date:2020-10-14 Android size:256.6M IOS size:345.3M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Rejiang GM no level version" is an exquisite picture of hot blooded martial arts theme MMORPG mobile game, players will feel a rich and diverse world of martial arts here, in this huge river and lake freely. In order to improve the features of the version, no level "GM mall" is added. After all players enter the game, they can choose their favorite rare props at will! Recharge ratio is 1:1000, each file is charged with 3 times of Yuanbao, and 88888 yuan, 888w copper coin, permanent VIP privilege, Guangwu, out of print title and destiny gift bag will be sent to you on line! In addition, this appointment gift bag is shown on the outside, and the skin of fashion wings is free of charge. You must not miss the fresh and bright game scene, the lively and lovely character modeling, and the humorous game plot to build a relaxed and happy world of the river and lake. Please join us quickly!
game welfare
No level GM mall, no need to recharge, rare props optional! Online both permanent VIP privileges, Guangwu, out of print title, destiny gift bag! Make an appointment for free display of the gift bag, fashion wings and skin free collar! 88888 tie yuan, 888w copper money! Recharge ratio 1:1000, each file first charge 3 times!
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