Invincible (give 1000 yuan to recharge)
Invincible (give 1000 yuan to recharge)
TYPE:Card, martial arts Downloads:2 Date:2020-10-16 Android size:283.3M IOS size:279.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Invincible (give 1000 yuan to recharge)" is an exquisite role card game. The game builds an epic Oriental magic world with detailed map scenes and exquisite character foundation. All the people participate in the war, impact your blood, open the fight to meet your passion! Game features: 1. [high definition picture quality exquisite model] in the game, the use of high-definition drawing technology can show more details of the game, more powerful expression, cool fashion, ancient artifact, can be presented to the player in an all-round way, bringing you to the scene of the battle! 2. [rich rewards for multiple copies] there are many combat copies for players to experience. The equipment copies can drop the top red dress and the nine times sky palace in the game to climb the peak and challenge the role limit. Limited time the world boss comes, hold the weapon in hand and save our world together! 3. [the magic weapon comes out] players can have cool beasts to provide combat attributes for characters, and can enter the battlefield to help their masters. There are extremely rare ancient animals waiting for you to surrender. Powerful special effect magic weapon, invincible resurrection skill, wish you PK invincible! 4. [cross server game to dominate the mainland] eager to fight more powerful people? A variety of cross server play to meet your wishes. Cross service competition, determine the top strong. Plunder system, can plunder the rich magic weapon material. Open cross service school war. Move towards the strongest school in the world!
game welfare
1. Create a corner to send VIP10, Yuanbao * 68888, yinliang * 1000w2, give 5 pieces of 328 yuan recharge card (the recharge card is not included in the activity) 3. Send free Bailian draw on the line. 4. Recharge ratio is 1:1000, and multiple Yuan Bao is given for the first purchase. 5. The first charge is sent to Zhao linger, the resurrection God
game score