Knight errant Tour
Knight errant Tour
TYPE:Card, martial arts Downloads:2 Date:2020-10-15 Discount:4.50 Android size:241.4M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
game Introduction
"Knight errant tour unparalleled edition" is a martial arts theme to develop card adventure RPG hand tour. The game skillfully combines Q Meng version painting with classic martial arts story plot, integrates the characteristics of strategy, management, cultivation and turn based combat game, bringing players a full range of card game enjoyment! Online benefits: 1. Full V free online, enjoy the privilege of full V; 2. Recharge ratio is 1:1000, double free for the first recharge of each gear. 3. Create role: 99900000 silver and 888 yuan Bao. 4. The first gift, orange hero, double Yuanbao, and many resources. 5. Purchase the super value rebate of Kaifu fund, upgrade growth and return high amount of Yuanbao. 6. Share the blessings and share the luxury gifts for all the clothes. The more people there are, the more rewards they will get. 7. Open the service for 7 days. If you log in every day, you can get a lot of resources. On the seventh day, orange card will be free. 8. Luxury daily check-in, more rewards for level promotion. 9. You can get Yuanbao reward if you log in accumulatively, and you can get 1 million Yuanbao in total. 10. Level reward, as long as you reach the specified level, you can get the corresponding reward.
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