Nine swords H5
Nine swords H5
TYPE:Character, immortal Downloads:3 Date:2020-10-16 From:277sy
game Introduction
The end of the world is free for me to soar, enter the big Fantasy Fairy Knight country wind big world together! -----Wish the heart of the sword is not old and the dream of cultivating immortals will be realized. The brand new 3D Xianxia mobile game "nine Swords" will create a national mobile game for tens of millions of players! Three job transfer, advance against the weather; cross service peak PK, reward comprehensive upgrade; get married with younger sister, Shengshi wedding dress parade! Equipped with artifact collection, you can enjoy your cool personality image. One day, you can easily cultivate immortals to become a king, dominate the three battlefields, and enjoy the super pleasure of worshipping thousands of people! Offline hang up, fair trade, more surprise benefits waiting for you in the game! Send the best red martial arts, civilian players no longer have to worry! [beautiful 3D images of ancient customs] if you are a chivalrous person who is addicted to cultivating immortals, you can gallop through the mountains and rivers here, enjoy the feeling of bringing in 3D panoramic perspective, or you can take the wind, cross the thousand mountains, and take the rare animals to visit the beautiful ancient fairyland and experience the magnificent scenery of China. [Yanjia system, out of the mystery] if you are a loyal fan of master Xie Yi, you can inherit master Xie Yi's skill of Yanjia here. You can not only control all the Yanjia in the original single machine work, but also create your own unique Yan Jia by yourself. [multiplayer group, free battlefield] if you are the master of MMO games or the king of PVP, you can not only experience the epic copy and the city of broken souls in the original work, but also experience multiple PVP playing methods, such as evil disaster for the rest of life, crazy killing and duel, and the mysterious hidden chapters that have not been exposed in the branch experience will also be presented. Lingyu illustrious stars, sword soul into the soul, and then cast the fantasy, a variety of play, take you to fight in the world!
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