Fengtianjue (send Zhenchong every day)
Fengtianjue (send Zhenchong every day)
TYPE:Character, immortal Downloads:1 Date:2020-10-16 Android size:368.8M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Fengtianjue" is a super exquisite Xianxia 3dmmorpg mobile game, with super real · recharge card welfare attack! Create a corner to lead the magic dress, upgrade free and get 1000 real · recharge card (can activate the activity), log in every day unlimited send real · recharge card, send unlimited ten consecutive draw + unlimited binding Yuanbao + infinite advanced Dan, unlimited resources free! The free and easy world of immortal swordsmen, the endless magic of the world, the majestic shock screen moves, the unique playing methods of fairies, gorgeous and changeable fashion, 10000 people fighting against the huge boss, unlimited passion of PVP play, bring you a grand experience of immortal swordsman! I want to seal the sky and invite you to fight!
game welfare
1. Online delivery VIP10, Yuanbao * 88888, Yuanbao * 1 million, BA · Yufeng shenzhuang! 2. Recharge ratio of 1:1000, the first charge of free gifts, rare artifacts, free props! 3. Permanent login unlimited free recharge card: Daily login will send 5 yuan real recharge card! 4. Permanent online unlimited send recharge card: Daily Online send 5 yuan real recharge card! 5. Permanent free 1000 recharge card: upgrade can get 1000 yuan real recharge card 6. Permanent daily unlimited resources: Daily login will send treasure hunting secret certificate, binding Yuanbao, advanced Dan gift bag! 7. Permanent 10% discount of privilege Mall: the best props gift bag is purchased with 10% discount every day
game discount
Rebate amount can only be accumulated in one day, not in many days! Recharge monthly card, lifetime card, gift bag, fund included in rebate note: rebate currency is Yuanbao! (automatic rebate on the next day, no need to apply) ★ single day recharge 50-99 yuan, rebate 50% ★ single day recharge 100-499 yuan, rebate 70% ★ single day recharge 500-999 yuan, rebate 100% ★ single day recharge 1000-2999 yuan, rebate 120% ★ single day recharge 3000-4999 yuan, rebate 160% ★ single day recharge 5000-9999 yuan, rebate 200% ★ single day recharge 10000-29999 yuan, rebate 300% ★ single day recharge above 30000 yuan, rebate Does 500% rebate application require role ID: no monthly card is considered VIP experience: Yes, monthly card is counted as the first charge: Yes
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