The spirit of Taiyi immortal
The spirit of Taiyi immortal
TYPE:Round, animation Downloads:1 Date:2020-10-16 Android size:855.9M IOS size:788.4M From:277sy
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game Introduction
Super popular Xianxia 3D national man "Taiyi immortal magic record of the spirit of flying Ji" legitimate authorization! Leng Shuang Ning, corpse demon Ming spring, xueshazi, ghost sage and other famous monks fight side by side with you! The new fighting mode of immortal chivalry school, which has the pleasure of killing and killing, combines heroes at will, releases big moves manually, and finally restores the magic weapons and duels the super magic skills. This is what the real Xianxia battle should be. The original animation team personally supervised the production, the original class sound team "Yin Xiong Lianmeng" enthusiastically joined the dubbing, the whole CG plot
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