Exxon Fantasy (out of print)
Exxon Fantasy (out of print)
TYPE:Hang up, magic Downloads:2 Date:2020-10-16 Android size:2.5M IOS size:18.1M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"AIX fantasy" is a hang up magic mobile game, which is mainly based on the refreshing and very smooth combat experience. We don't need to consider the cumbersome operation of the mobile game in the battle, and do not worry about the poor experience when fighting in the multi person scene. We mainly focus on the smooth and straightforward combat experience and gorgeous and boastful skills. The game has a rich system of playing methods, a variety of scene geographical environment, caves, molten caves, monster nests, moon fog wilderness, etc., allowing players to enter the game and enjoy a variety of play experience.
game welfare
Recharge ratio: 1:2000 Shengjing suffix Description: when the game goes online, send out the out of print title of "rich party"; click VIP interface (vip19 interface) to get the title of "rich party"; 1. Online welfare: Online send 88888 Shengjing, 1888w gold coin, vip20 (full V), VIP gift bag, VIP privilege; 2, 6 yuan gift bag: Holy wing crystal core, dragon soul burning flame, divine dress fragment, experience pill; 3. First filling blessing Benefits: Supreme Horcrux, local tyrant title, out of print mount, illusory wings; 4. Monthly card benefits: continuous holy crystal collar, growth acceleration, backpack expansion; 5. Supreme card benefits: super value unlimited rebate, magic dress fragments, exclusive title, growth acceleration, backpack expansion; 6. Recharge benefits: Double holy crystal rebate for the first time of all levels; 7. Super value benefits: get magic clothes and big by accumulating The amount of treasure coupons, gem fragments, star shaped pills, etc. (for more details of benefits, please pay attention to the game operation activities, and the welfare content of this document is for reference only)
game discount
■ daily exclusive rebate activities ■ (please be sure not to apply after recharging on the same day, to avoid losing more high-end rewards due to multiple applications) (usually, the rebate is Yuanbao / diamond / Xianyu, and some of them will be returned with tied yuan / diamond / diamond, etc., which is subject to the real object in the game). Rebate level: Yuanbao rebate ★ recharge 100-499 yuan, 50% ★ recharge 500-999 yuan, 100% ★ recharge 1000-2999 Yuan rebate 200% ★ recharge 3000-4999 yuan rebate 240% ★ recharge 5000-9999 yuan rebate 300% ★ recharge more than 10000 yuan rebate 400% (Note: this activity is a one-day cumulative charging activity, the recharge amount will be reset at 24:00 every day, and the calculation will be started again; if the player submits the order rebate within a single day, it will be reset by clearing, and the non rebate order will be recalculated.)
game score