Ancient Lingyu GM mall
Ancient Lingyu GM mall
TYPE:Character, immortal Downloads:0 Date:2020-10-16 Discount:4.20 From:277sy
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game Introduction
Epic Xianxia mmoarpg mobile game, a new version of GM mall, unlimited resources opened! Here you can have the epic GM mall, the game props to how many, on the basis of the mall also open unlimited resources, Yuanbao, tie yuan you take! After reaching level 50, you can also get 0 head charge, super cool super stimulation!! 1. A new version of GM mall, game props available! 2. Unlimited resources, unlimited treasure, tied yuan, gold coins you can brush! Level 3.50 get 0 head of charge, a cool again! 4. Recharge ratio 1:1000, recharge bug: unlimited trigger first charge double 5.1 yuan, weekly card 200 times binding yuan rebate 6.300 times investment, maximum return of 30 million yuan
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