Warm blooded gods (give 5000 yuan to recharge)
Warm blooded gods (give 5000 yuan to recharge)
TYPE:Character, myth Downloads:1 Date:2020-10-27 Android size:323.4M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
Game introduction: [hot blood Fengshen] give 5000 yuan to recharge, afraid of the reincarnation of heaven, what kind of soul, if there is no you can be sad, online send 50000 diamonds, 5 million yuan treasure, World War I Fengshen, reappear the story of Nezha Fengshen, 10000 people riding, horse fighting, walking speed to speed up again, knife cutting, super red rate of play introduction: 1. Upgrading in the game is a very relaxed and comfortable thing. In the novice period, the powerful automatic pathfinding system and humanized guiding operation can make the novice quickly familiar with the various functions of the game. After 70 level novice familiar with, according to the level of phased preparation of a large number of copies and tasks for players to upgrade the level. 2. Game assistance. The game is very user-friendly. The game has built-in AIDS. It can automatically take drugs and play strange things when it is lower than the percentage of life. There are also automatic pick-up and display settings. It is very convenient to use. Task system also has task tracking, automatic completion of various tasks, in addition to offline hang up function, all day and night in experience, will not waste any time. 3. It's a classic competitive game of national PK! The nine gate battle for hegemony needs to be applied by the guild president the day before, after application, everyone can participate in the competition. 4. Retro battle, the battle goal is more clear. Nowadays, most ARPG games on the market are fool operated games. In this way of operation, although it reduces the difficulty of light players, it virtually weakens the sense of operation of players. 5. Skill diversity, high level of operation can be superior to others. It's not one
game welfare
1. Recharge ratio is 1:500, the first charge is up to 4 times. 2. Give 5000 yuan to recharge, for fear of the reincarnation of the heaven, what is the soul, if there is no you will be sad. 3, online send 50000 diamonds, 5 million yuan treasure, first World War Fengshen, reproduce the story of Nezha's God. 4. Ten thousand people ride, fight on horseback, speed up walking, knife cutting, super red explosion rate. 5. Upgrade SVIP for free, and get SVIP gift pack for free
game discount
There is no need to apply for automatic rebate on the next day (the proportion is the daily rebate ratio, which is not superimposed with the activity rebate, and is only for reference). The daily cumulative recharge is 100-499 yuan, 20% is 500-999 yuan, 50% is 1000-2999 yuan, 70% is 3000-4999 yuan, 100% is 5000-9999 yuan, 150% is more than 10000 yuan Daily recharge, automatic payment in the morning of the next day: in the form of e-mail, is the monthly card VIP experience: No, whether the monthly card is the first charge: no
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