Demon laiye (gift bag of 1000 yuan)
Demon laiye (gift bag of 1000 yuan)
TYPE:Strategy, journey to the West Downloads:0 Date:2020-10-28 Android size:2.5M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Demon to also" is a Q version of the theme of the western strategy war chess hand game, the game uses 3D aesthetic painting style, a variety of game playing methods, clear and clear main line, humorous and interesting character character character, Q cute and lovely character style. The core of the game is six major professions. The unique skills of followers, gang war, unique treasure house of the East China Sea, Tiangong stove and other novel and interesting playing methods are integrated into the game, which improves the interaction and strategic operation between players. Novices will give rich benefits and invite you to step down in Tiangong together!
game welfare
1. Online free: vip1588888 Yuanbao, 5000000 copper coins; 2. Top up ratio: 1:2000, double the first charge; 3. VIP gift bag of 1 Yuanbao, equivalent to no money; 4. Super welfare, unlimited shopping mall 0 yuan to buy, willful buy; 5, any first charge epic artifact, send legendary partner; 6, real-time online PK, the list will be known!
game discount
Rebate unit: RMB 100-499, RMB 50%, RMB 500-999, RMB 80%, RMB 1000-2999, RMB 3000-4999, RMB 180%, RMB 5000-9999, RMB 250% and RMB 10000-rmb 300% P respectively S: 1. The rebate amount can only be accumulated in one day, not in many days! 2. The rebate will be automatically distributed in the form of email in the morning of the next day.
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