Wu Dao Shen Zun
Wu Dao Shen Zun
TYPE:Character, martial arts Downloads:1 Date:2020-10-28 Discount:4.00 Android size:457.4M IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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"Wu Dao Shen Zun" is a new national style martial arts MMORPG mobile tour. It inherits the free martial arts gene of Duanyou. It has many competitive games such as 1v1 arena, 3v3 battlefield, and nearly 100 sets of martial arts are freely collected and matched by players, so that everyone can write their own real legend in the world. [martial arts] free martial arts collocation, strategy confrontation between moves, seizing the fighters to switch freely during the battle, and routine matching, moving position and operation timing are the king of victory. [playing method] single copy experience the world of chivalry and justice, and multi player copy experience team cooperation and proud of the world. There are also leaders of various sects with ancient genealogies waiting for you to challenge. [leisure] farewell to the boring experience of a single person, offline practice can be completed by one click, and there are more leisure games such as escort, fishing, marriage and so on. You can make friends in the lake. [personality] there is always a suit for you with different faces and all kinds of fashion mounts and accessories.
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