I want to fix it
I want to fix it
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game Introduction
The new generation of national ancient style immortal must travel by hand "I want to repair the truth (send thousands of yuan for recharge)", the beautiful immortal Xia is cool in 3D picture, and the essence of martial arts cultivation. Send thousands of Yuan recharge card package on line, and a large amount of gift package with large resources. Chivalrous and tender, sword fighting in the Jianghu, the main task to VIP, directly upgrade vip20! Exquisite 3D magic immortal MMO play, hundreds of cool magic skills let you hi, MoBa picture such as into fairyland, boss crazy explosion recharge card, up to 648 yuan recharge card, fight immortal fighting and enemies to fight!
game welfare
① Login to send V10, active main line up V20, privilege gift pack and attribute add to help the early rapid promotion. ② Send 2000 + recharge cards, develop gift bags, 28888 yuan and 28888 yuan treasure for each system, and collect the excellent equipment and cool display for free. ③ The next day, svip3 and svip7 will be given on the 7th. Super high privilege liver protection is not krypton. ④ Boss explosion charging card, the highest explosive 648 recharge card, explosion rate is super high, all look at the quality of people. ⑤ 200 pumps of treasure-seeking and free of charge are available for free with unlimited resources.
game discount
The next day automatic rebate, no application (the daily rebate ratio is not overlapped with the activity rebate, only for reference). Single day cumulative recharge 100-499: rebate 50% daily cumulative recharge 500-999: rebate 80% daily cumulative recharge 1000-2999: rebate 130% single day cumulative recharge 3000-4999: rebate 200% daily cumulative recharge 5000-9999: rebate 260% single day cumulative recharge 10000-49999: rebate 340% single day Daily accumulated recharge more than 50000 rebate 700%
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