Swordsman down the mountain (unlimited recharge)
Swordsman down the mountain (unlimited recharge)
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game Introduction
"Shinto (unlimited free recharge)" is a cool special effects, modeling exquisite fairy Knight MMORPG mobile game. Players will enter a gorgeous ancient world and experience the magnificent, treacherous and bloody road of cultivating immortals! Game main hang up PK play method, free hands, brush strange explosive loading, enjoy a happy game experience! Lovely fantasy pet, powerful beast, peerless beauty, help you wandering the world! God awakens, powerful, unstoppable! There are cross service peak war, national war, crossing robbery challenge, waiting for you to fight! The so-called: where to find carefree lovers, no distractions to ask God. It's a long journey to cultivate immortals. The right path in the world is vicissitudes! Suffix Description: after creating the role, complete the task of Chapter 3, which can be opened in the welfare turntable of the home page. Online 30 minutes can be free 10 times a day, online up to once a day, 10 times a day refresh, 10 consecutive draw 100% must hit recharge coupon! After using the coupon, you can get Yuanbao and VIP experience directly. The real recharge is unlimited!
game welfare
1. VIP, Yuanbao * 188888, gold * 3888w. Luxury xiantianzun awakening suit, click to send, more powerful Dao Duan Nian, Chixiao sword, holy weapon Nanming Lihuo, cool riding flywheel · Yingzhao send off! 2. The recharge ratio is 1:5000, the first charge of 10-500 gears is doubled, the first charge of 1000-5000 gears is three times, and the continuous charging of all gears is 1.5 times. Yuanbao is crazy! 3. Planning has been crazy, recharge coupons really send! Online free 10 consecutive draw once, 10 even draw 100% must hit recharge coupon! 4. The first charge of 10 yuan will be sent to the peerless Guangwu [Jue] emperor Shi Tian, and the cool and dazzling mount Feiyu · golden wings. If you recharge 10 yuan for 3 days, you can get the immortal weapon, Guangwu and demon Wudao, and you can get Xianwu Tianya for 3 days in total! Help you travel in the world! 5. Log in and send mount Feiyu · Yayu! The next day, send the immortal weapon to kill the immortal! Send Chang'e off on the third day! On the fourth day, send the mount flywheel · cangyun! Send Zhu Rong on the fifth day! On the seventh day, directly send the sacred object to torture the sky flame shield! Combat power, speed of light increased! Let's have a good experience!
game discount
There is no need to apply for automatic rebate on the next day (the proportion is the daily rebate ratio, which is not superimposed with the activity rebate, for reference only). The daily cumulative recharge is 100-499 yuan, 50% is 500-999 yuan, 100% is 1000-2999 yuan, 150% is 3000-4999 yuan, 200% is 5000-9999 yuan, 250% is more than 10000 yuan
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