World of war - free 100 V
World of war - free 100 V
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game Introduction
"World of war - free 100 V" is a large set of MMO and RPG as one of the new PK mobile games, online send 1000 recharge coupons, 100 VIP level consumption Yuanbao can get! It retains the classic three major professions of war, law and Taoism, and realizes four roles and one account to experience all professions! A variety of character cultivation system, so that the player's role continues to improve and grow, with the magic skill: continuous chop + combo system, can cause excessive damage to boss! Rich copies, exciting PK system, gorgeous and handsome fashion, fierce competition for supremacy in Shacheng and cross service battlefield of 100 people are waiting for you to join!
game welfare
Welfare Introduction: 1. When you go online, you can get 1000 yuan of recharge coupon, Yuanbao 38888, 1 million gold coins and vip20. 2. 100 levels of VIP, you can buy Yuanbao; 3. Sign in to get red envelopes every day, hit boss to explode a large number of Yuanbao; 4. Recharge ratio of 1:1000, the first flush of the highest ten times of Yuanbao, combat effectiveness directly soared; 5. Online unlimited draw lottery tickets, massive voucher waiting for you to take; 6. Freezing point price rush to buy luxury gifts, buy immediately; 7. Offline activity gift bag, improve combat effectiveness never stop; 8. Privilege card The supreme card is returned every day with high value, and Yuanbao is taken every day, and the extra value welfare gift bag is given free of charge;
game discount
Pay attention to the daily interest rate of more than 100-100% of the daily interest rate of 100-100% 100-50, 100-100% of the daily amount of 100-100-50, 100-100% of the daily amount of interest (100-100-100% of the daily interest) 100-599 100% 600-1099 140% 1100-3099 200% 3100-5099 300% 5100-9999 400% above 10000 500%
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