Zhan mo (send GM to recharge)
Zhan mo (send GM to recharge)
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game Introduction
Travel in the superhero universe. Join millions of players on the journey of superheroes, lead your hero team to defeat evil villains and save the world! In order to make players play more enjoyable and relaxed, the new version adds daily free recharge and other activities, adds GM mall, and sends GM1 online. No need to spend money, hang up the game easily. White whoring in the end!
game welfare
1. Send your hero team without operation, and your hero will fight automatically for you! Easy to wait for epic gear and legendary heroes! Even if you are offline, you can also get rich rewards! 2. It's a great deal of fun, a huge number of strategic superheroes, a huge number of personality skills! Different hero collocation can combine hundreds of lineups, with simple operation, easy to enjoy the fun of the game! 3. Rich game content placement, combat, copy, hero task, collection and cultivation! Attack boss, arena, alliance! Endless wonderful content waiting for you to experience! 4. The aggressive world boss challenges the powerful world boss! The ultimate reward for saving the world. 5. Cross server battle, PK with the strong from different servers! Attack the leaderboard and the highest glory and win the powerful booty! Vip15, gm1188888 diamonds and 10m gold coins are presented Online
game discount
Rebate amount can only be accumulated in one day, not in many days! Note: the rebate currency is [diamond] in game monthly card, gift bag, fund, calculate rebate amount, calculate recharge activity and GM mall experience ★ 100-499 yuan return 50% ★ 500-999 yuan return 80% ★ 1000-2999 yuan return 100% ★ 3000-4999 yuan return 120% ★ 5000-6999 yuan return 150% ★ 7000-9999 yuan return 180% ★ more than 10000 yuan return 200%
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