Spirit war season
Spirit war season
TYPE:place Downloads:1 Date:2020-11-20 From:277sy
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"The spirit of war" is a meticulously produced two-dimensional placement game, fingers waving, easy to develop. Send v20300 yuan recharge card on the line, and send another 100 companies every day to recruit heroes to reappear the beacon fire in troubled times. Heroes are born for the war. Hundreds of different dimensional partners with different styles are ready to go. With cool and unique joint attack skills, the battle will be changeable. Come to build your own exclusive lineup and conquer this exotic continent! Send 1000 full 100 draw Welfare Introduction: online gift 300 yuan recharge card, seven days login again send 100 yuan recharge card every day, a total of 1000 yuan! Every day you can get 10 records of famous generals and draw cards 100 times after use!
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