Awakening of gods send GM Qianchong
Awakening of gods send GM Qianchong
TYPE:Character, legend Downloads:2 Date:2020-11-20 IOS size:0.0M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Awakening of the gods - send GM Qianchong" is a real 3D RPG brand-new legendary mobile game. At the beginning of the game, you can get a thousand yuan recharge and a golden white tiger. You can also get a free first charge when you log in, and you can get a super high rebate for recharging. This is a poisonous with cutting, white tiger with paralysis of the legendary hand game, high explosive not krypton's conscience legend. The vast MafA continent is full of monsters and relics, where hundreds of thousands of brave people take risks, experience PvE and PVP, cross server team building and other large-scale activities. Experience the guild siege with blood. Each time the guild brothers fight together, the winner will have the glory of Shacheng overlord.
game welfare
1. Free first charge on line can get a 1000 yuan recharge card, and the 1000 yuan recharge card will be upgraded to vip15!!! 18888 binding diamond, 188w Yuan Bao, gold armor white tiger, gift package is too much to write!! The top up ratio is 1:10002. Super turntable draws red packets every day, logs in and sends red packets every day. There are also red packets for online activities. There are too many red packets that can't be collected completely!! 3. Daily landing white whoring special ring, magic power stunt, resurrection special ring, defense special ring, etc. will be sent on landing at no cost! 4. Triple monthly card benefits, 1 yuan permanent card, white whoring diamond, three kinds of privilege cards plus daily diamond get hand cramp! 5. VIP and other big gift bags are free to receive, carnival is not over. Log in every day to give super luxury gifts, online activities never stop! Get it online! 6. Offline recharge rebate, Yuanbao, diamond hand cramp. Offline activity gift bag, let your strength explode!
game discount
Automatic instant rebate, no need to apply, please pay attention to the quantity change of Yuanbao diamonds. The daily cumulative recharge amount rebate ratio (daily) 100-599 50% 600-1099 70% 1100-3099 100% 3100-5099 140% 5100-9999 200% more than 10000 100% 300% cumulative recharge amount in a single day rebate ratio (small activities, surprise in a few months) 100-599 70% 600-1099 100% 1100-3099 140% 3100-5099 200% 5100-9999 300% more than 400% One day cumulative recharge amount rebate ratio (Spring Festival, may day, etc.) 100-599 100% 600-1099 140% 1100-3099 200% 3100-5099 300% 5100-9999 400% 10000 and above 500% PS: the rebate is instant rebate, which can be viewed by players in the backpack
game score