Legend of Goddess - unlimited recharge card
Legend of Goddess - unlimited recharge card
TYPE:Placement, Three Kingdoms Downloads:5 Date:2020-12-03 Android size:2.1M IOS size:18.9M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Legend of the goddess of fierce generals - unlimited gift recharge" is based on the Chinese classic masterpiece The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It abandons the complex UI interface and brings you the most simple and direct game experience. The game has combat training elements such as recruiting generals, fetters, life grid, runes, etc. It also introduces PVP arena, multiplayer PVE Corps copy playing method, and the original Jiuzhou game plus Shanghai quantity welfare And unlimited recharge card, let you experience different three kingdoms.
game welfare
1. Create a corner to send full vip21, orange General Zhang Fei, recruitment order X100, advanced Dan x888, silver coin x888888, Yuanbao x188882. Open the GM store and get a lot of resources. 3. Open the service Carnival and send out the best general's equipment. 4. Release the first three blocks of super charging, and the top God level equipment has everything. 5 1: 500 rebate distribution method: the next day, the rebate will be automatically issued to verify whether the application needs the role name & role ID: if the role name is required, whether the privilege card is counted as VIP experience: whether the privilege card and direct purchase gift bag are counted as the first charge: whether the [privilege card, direct purchase gift package] is included in the rebate: included in the rebate
game discount
There is no need to apply for automatic rebate on the next day (the proportion is the daily rebate ratio, which is not superimposed with the activity rebate, and is only for reference). The accumulated recharge in a single day is 100-499 yuan, 50% rebate is 500-999 yuan, 100% is 1000-2999 yuan, 150% is 3000-4999 yuan, 200% is 5000-9999 yuan, and 250% is 10000 yuan Up, rebate 300%
game score