Journey to the West
Journey to the West
TYPE:Role, journey to the West Downloads:0 Date:2020-12-03 Android size:260.3M IOS size:271.5M From:277sy
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game Introduction
"Journey to the West (mild version)" millions of players to create a national mobile game. Three world scuffle, twelve wizard, betrayal and redemption, God, Buddha and devil, who will be your final choice. Will take you to feel the mythical age of love and hatred! The dazzling National Cartoon Style scene and cool skills and special effects bring you immersive experience, and an audio-visual feast breaks out in an all-round way to meet your sensory needs. Break the traditional painting style, create a new national style, aesthetic style, compact plot, gorgeous special effects, bold innovation in playing methods, open up a different style of cultivation.
game welfare
1. Free rare mount, God's favorite. 2. Super high degree of freedom combat, let the player show the operation. 3. Log in seven days to send a large amount of Yuanbao. 4. Build your personality to give you a unique fighting experience. 4. Recharge ratio: 1:800
game discount
■ daily exclusive rebate activities ■ (please make sure you don't apply after recharging on the same day, to avoid losing more high-end rewards due to multiple applications) (usually, the rebate is Yuanbao / diamond / Xianyu, and some of the money tied / diamond is tied, etc., which is subject to the real object in the game). The cumulative recharge in a single day is 100-199 yuan, 40% is 200-499 yuan, and 50% is 500 yuan- 999 yuan, 60% of the rebate, a single day cumulative recharge of 1000-1999 yuan, 70% of the rebate, a single day cumulative recharge of 2000-2999 yuan, 80% of the rebate cumulative recharge of 3000-4999 yuan, 90% of the cumulative recharge of more than 5000 yuan, rebate 100%
game score