Leap across different continents
Leap across different continents
TYPE:Cards, anime Downloads:3 Date:2020-06-09 Android size:93.3M From:btgame
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game Introduction
The will of fire, the fight is rekindled! "Flying across the land" is 100% orthodox. Players can play Naruto, Sasuke, I love Luo and other ninjas at will. They can experience the full screen fight of ninjas and the whole screen. In addition, they can freely collect the popular ninjas, summon the spirit beasts, experience the Ninjas PK, and rekindle the will of fire in the fight!
game welfare
1. Send V14, 28888 diamonds, 588w gold coins online, full V the next day! Login to send the last Shura - Sasuke, new unlimited version, and then send the first charge and the first charge big gift bag, the welfare start! 2. First welfare, top up ratio 1:1500! Send God's ruling - Payne, three times the first charge of surprise welfare! Add 50% more for renewal! 3. With the arrival of super value card, various monthly cards can be combined at will, and super many diamonds can be spent at will. The welfare is not alone! 4. Seven days of carnival, every day there are more benefits, value-added online benefits, massive resources, huge treasure to get soft!
game discount
100-499 50%500-999 100%1000-2999 150%3000-4999 200%5000-9999 250%10000 300%
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