Pico Three Kingdoms (first charge)
Pico Three Kingdoms (first charge)
TYPE:Strategy, Three Kingdoms Downloads:4 Date:2020-06-23 Android size:110.7M From:btgame
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game Introduction
"Micro Three Kingdoms" is a Three Kingdoms Theme card strategy mobile game. Its main features are legion combat, horizontal version of hedge, emphasis on array strategy and on-the-spot skill release, so that you can experience the wind of commanding thousands of troops and horses, and kill the boring automatic combat mode in the past. Players can lead more than 40 epic heroes with different characteristics, including hundreds of skills of generals, command more than 300 units to fight on the same screen, and create an epic sense of "army vs. war". I can feel the feeling of "one man is at the gate, and ten thousand men can't open it" and "general rushes forward, like entering the realm of no one". The game provides a rich growth system to enhance the fighting power of the players, and more treasures and props to help the players.
game welfare
1. Vip1318888 gold and 1888888 copper coins will be sent to you when you go online! 2. Recharging ratio is 1:1000, and double recharging return for the first time for each gear! 3. Start with the first charge! Get the first charge for free: a full set of purple, the highest qualified hero "Queen Guo"! 4. Log in every day and get the gold piece * 5000, copper coin * 50W, roasted chicken * 1, and gold general fragment treasure chest * 5! Landing on the 7th and sending "Zhen · sun CE" to a single God! 5. Check in, task and activity rewards are greatly improved, and you can take a lot of gold and props! 6. Send a VIP fund online free of charge and get a 10 times rebate!
game discount
100-499 40%500-999 60%1000-2999 80%3000-4999 100%5000-9999 200%10000-19999 300%20000 400%
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