Tianxing baby (10000 yuan gift bag)
Tianxing baby (10000 yuan gift bag)
TYPE:Cards, anime Downloads:4 Date:2020-06-24 Android size:76.2M From:btgame
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game Introduction
Tianxing baby is a q-style adventure type mobile game. In the game, with the classic magic baby as the background, players can enjoy the fun of fighting in the magic land, and fight with the most classic baby in memory! 1. Based on the original animation, it is elaborately made to perfectly reproduce the journey of Xiaozhi and picachu to become the master of the magic baby; 2. You can meet all kinds of elves and embark on your own elves journey; 3. Challenge the Daoists and enemies around the world, meet new friends and start adventures with them again and again; 4. Various magic babies are waiting for you to collect, various powerful Mega are waiting for you to conquer; 5. Q Meng's screen design creates a beautiful character image
game welfare
Suffix Description: in the game, click on Marriott gift - > enter the gift package code to receive rewards (one hour online in total). 1. Full level vip15 will be presented online; gem * 88888. Six star pet egg * 1, berry * 500, adventurer coat * 1 (e-mail Collection) 2. Exclusive gift of 10000 yuan recharge, full of benefits, can not stop at all. 3. Unlimited gold coins, so that you no longer have to worry about gold coins. 4. Perfectly restore the animation plot, all kinds of childhood feelings come to mind. 5. Hundreds of artifact treasures, to satisfy your desire to collect. 6. A real hang up game to free hands
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100-499 50%500-999 80%1000-2999 100%3000-4999 120%5000-6999 150%7000-9999 180%10000 200%
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