Heaven and earth (unlimited recharge)
Heaven and earth (unlimited recharge)
TYPE:Turn, immortal Downloads:3 Date:2020-08-15 Android size:331M From:btgame
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game Introduction
The story takes place after the return of the Western Heaven for Buddhist scriptures. The vision of eternal peace has not been realized. The book of heaven is lost, the evil way rises again, and the world is in chaos again. You will be selected as the son of destiny. Look for the book of heaven, eliminate the devil and protect the way, and return to glory! The new version of the game play more rich and more characteristics, the characteristics of the round system combat system, strategy burning brain at the same time also have a hearty fight
game welfare
Suffix Description: online for a certain time will produce recharge card abnormal welfare: 1. Recharge ratio 1:5000, the game full gear first charge 2 times!! Send recharge card online every day!! 2. Online free vip16!! Infinite silver! 99999 Shuiyu! Online to send "online recharge gift bag" (hang up can take recharge card, out of print pet "Youkun")!! 3. First charge presents popular high popularity group to attack pet "vampire"! 98 yuan also presents the legendary pet "Marshal Tianpeng", flying sword mount!! First charge for 3 days, different reward content every day!! 4. Add unlimited resources Pavilion, unlimited silver coins! Unlimited gold coins! Unlimited resources!! Unlimited refills! Happy!! 5. You can get 648 yuan recharge card when you upgrade to level 55!! The third day login send 648 yuan recharge card! Get out of print pet "Youkun" every day!! Massive recharge card!! Huge amount of training resources can be obtained online!! What are you waiting for when you move your finger!! 6. Powerful offline activities, as long as you recharge to the corresponding file, you can get high combat effectiveness pets and advanced resources. Of course, remember to apply with customer service~~
game discount
100-499 60%500-999 80%1000-2999 110%3000-4999 150%5000-9999 210%10000 320%
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