Dragon Hunter
Dragon Hunter
TYPE:Character, magic Downloads:3 Date:2020-08-18 From:btgame
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game Introduction
A magic style of role-playing mobile game, in a land full of magic color, players as a strong hunter, in order to improve their strength, in the road to become stronger constantly beat a large number of enemies, complete a variety of challenges. The game has a variety of different roles, each role is very powerful, players can freely choose, in a variety of different magic world to enjoy the different fun of fighting.
game welfare
Suffix Description: after passing 36 passes, you will be able to open the activity of sending ten thousand draws. After completing the activity every day, you can get a large number of lottery props. Welfare Introduction: 1. Register to give V9, diamond * 38888, gold diamond * 8888, gold 10 million 2, upgrade speed increased by 2 times. 3. VIP does not need to spend a dime, log in and pass the customs to upgrade for free. Massive VIP level privileges and rewards can directly take 40 million and 10 million diamonds for free, and collect sets to receive 10 million diamonds. 5. Welfare 10000 draw free gifts, point to hand softening 6, first charge 5 times, There are also the mother of dragons, SS Level Divine Wings, hell Dragon King and so on
game discount
100-500 30%501-1000 50%1001-3000 80%3001-5000 100%5001-10000 150%10001-20000 180%20001-50000 240%50000 300%
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