Alliance rise (unlimited recharge)
Alliance rise (unlimited recharge)
TYPE:Character, magic Downloads:5 Date:2020-09-05 Android size:505.9M From:btgame
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game Introduction
Burst cool attack, online send recharge card, treasure search draw recharge card, hit boss burst recharge card, recharge again send recharge card, recharge or not have recharge card! All recharge cards have no threshold to use, how much you can take, how much you can use, reject the level, recharge and other use restrictions, real welfare does not mix water! Unique role becomes big play, 40 meters big knife easy to open, God war is not a dream! System advanced free unlock all kinds of gorgeous fashion, who said fashion costs? Recharge permanent rebate, get real recharge every day! The new version of the ship you haven't played, come to the rise of the alliance!
game welfare
Suffix Description: in the game, the leader, boss can drop a large amount of recharge card, the more you play, the more explosive; welfare Hall - Online rewards also send a large amount of prepaid cards and a large number of supreme keys (looting and recharging cards). Welfare Introduction: 1. Recharge ratio 1:1000. 3 to 4 times of super value recharge gear is optional. Online free V8, a large amount of money, into the main line directly get beauty attendants, 23 (about 5 minutes) main line random access to the ultimate fantasy experience. Level 2.50 to open the welfare hall, enter the gift bag code vip888 to get elixir, open giant mode 3. Online gift bag to get recharge card and the supreme key! Online send recharge card, supreme key to grab treasure and draw recharge card! 4. Hit boss to blow up large value recharge card, hit more and explode more! 5. Recharge permanent rebate. Stores can get a large number of recharge cards with 1 yuan per day!
game discount
1-99 40%100-499 60%500-999 80%1000-2999 110%3000-4999 150%5000-9999 210%10000 320%
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