Legend of holy sword (super V version)
Legend of holy sword (super V version)
TYPE:Hang up, Q version Downloads:2 Date:2020-10-15 Android size:101.9M IOS size:101.5M From:btgame
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game Introduction
"Legend of the holy sword" is a game about Qi Tian Da Sheng and Zixia fairy meeting each other. Q Meng's character image, a variety of career division, but also can steal other vocational skills, so that your career more personality. There are rich equipment systems in the game, with hundreds of pieces of equipment for you to match. You can also create your own personalized equipment according to your own preferences and play out your own characteristics. There are more arena, immortal devil war, soul capture and other rich play, looking forward to your exploration.
game welfare
Version Description: online gift full VIP, super V player online welfare: login gift, diamond * 288888, gold coin * 5 billion, reinforcement stone * 10000, level 8 gem BAG * 40, meteorite * 10000, advanced material * 100, Zixia fairy * 1, all equipment can be recycled! Upgrade free 3600 yuan real recharge: 80 level give 100 yuan recharge, 1 turn 80 level send 500 yuan recharge 2 turn 80 level send 1000 yuan recharge 3 turn 80 level send 2000 yuan recharge any first charge (additional 100 yuan recharge) gold investment: 100 million gold coins for 70000 diamonds! (equal to white take) diamond investment: invest 2500 diamonds, 0 threshold free to get 350000 diamonds (white take! Monthly card, VIP privileges, all included in daily recharge! Upgrade experience, burst rate, drop, start to increase 2-4 times! Other welfare explosion! I will not introduce them one by one!
game discount
100-499 20%500-999 40%1000-1999 60%2000-2999 80%3000-4999 100%5000 120%
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