Doomsday fantasy
Doomsday fantasy
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Zhang Qilin, Yang Xuening and Hu Tiantian, three contemporary golden school captains, use geomantic omen to interpret the pulse of mountains and rivers in the world, and look for those lost everywhere on the earth, such as dragon buildings and palaces, deserts, snowy mountains, forests, canyons, rapids, grasslands, and mysterious animals and plants rarely known by people. They are startled step by step, closely linked, and beyond the challenge of limit and imagination In the strange underground world, unveil a layer of ancient mysterious veil. There are many mysterious mechanisms hidden in the game. The more you want to find rare treasures, the more you have to take great risks. It's a sect's principle to learn from the golden school, to live together, and to die if divided. Only by gathering the strength of a team to break through the ancient tomb, can we overcome all the difficulties and obstacles. The space between heaven and earth is eighty-four thousand, and the heart and kidney of man are eight inches and four minutes. The public opinion, heaven and earth. The land of good fortune is the place where heaven and earth gather together and where Yin and Yang converge. Fen Jin Ding acupoint, only by playing the geomantic omen, can we find a thousand year old tomb!
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